Hallie Love teaches Pilates for Yoga® Classes on the mat and on the reformer machines at Hallie Love's Studios in Santa Fe. She travels to bring her Pilates for Yoga® workshops to fitness and wellness centers nationally.

In Hallie’s Pilates for Yoga® Classes and Workshops, students first experience restorative and therapeutic positions using props, gravity, breath and mind focus. Imbalances or pain from prior injuries, stress, sports, or work-related activities are alleviated and the body is freed from inner tension and outer rigidity. The result is a relaxed and more symmetrical body. This method of structurally correct and neutral alignment through restoratives as the starting point for learning Pilates exercise is uniquely Ms. Love's. Next, students develop core strength through the practice of Pilates exercises executed from the inside-out, without tension or strain, contemplative and focused with concentration on quality and accuracy. This method allows them - sometimes for the first time - to feel their bodies in a state of ease, strength and harmonious geometry, a yoga state of mind. After developing an open body through prior restorative positions, and a core-strengthened body through Pilates exercises, students begin practice of proper alignment and isolations in yoga postures, experiencing the freedom that comes when every part of the body and mind is expansive through yoga. It is Hallie's philosophy that Pilates training supplies the core strength necessary for a safe and successful yoga practice.  

From Yoga Journal magazine: “Some yogis are finding that Pilates’s focus on building and engaging a strong core can propel their yoga practice into new realms.” (April 2004) The feature article reveals that stronger, smarter yoga poses are developed with Pilates training.

The Pilates for Yoga® approach gives students who seek the sacred geometry of age-old yoga and students who want the modern Pilates core strength training the best of both worlds.

Pilates for Yoga is truly cross-training for life, enhancing wellness for mind, body and spirit.

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